Tuesday, September 29

WILD CARD! | New Job

Sometimes your Wild Cards come in the form of hippie busses... but sometimes, when timing and fate align... you get handed the wildest card of your dreams.

I am excited to tell you all that on October 12th, 2009 I will become…

Director of Social Media at Spa Week Media Group.

Not sure what that means? Let’s break it down backwards, and by color:

What is Spa Week? The founding core of the company is their incredible bi-annual Spa Week all across the country – it’s like Restaurant Week for spas, with $50 massages, facials and treatments for all. (Next one starts October 12… booking up fast! Check it out.)

Besides being one of the best spa directories in the country and world, Spa Week is also a year-round lifestyle brand that delivers a world BEYOND massages and facials. It’s about the spa lifestyle and culture, which embodies travel, beauty, fashion, fitness, health, bridal, food, wine, pop culture and so much more.

My job is this: Drive traffic to SpaWeek.com by putting my own editorial twist on their lifestyle blog, writing about and covering anything I find interesting and newsworthy, and blasting it out into the Blogosphere, the Twitterverse, all the channels of social media I’ve grown to love so much.

To me, the best part about it is this: My life is a fairly open book, between my game, my Glitter Twitter, and all my ridiculousness. They have seen it all, and that is EXACTLY what they are hiring.

The CEO would like me to take the reigns and bring all the energy from The NYC Game to Spa Week… my voice, my “zany” antics and the rest of it.

After 5 Rounds of rigorous training in fashion, beauty, nightlife, food, beverage, health, fitness, relaxation, the arts, and the delicate art of self-promotion… I have been hired to do it all for a unique, well-established, fast-growing company that loves massages as much as I do.

So, in conclusion, I HAVE WON.

I have completed what I will call LEVEL ONE of The NYC Game... because what better "prize" could I want?

And there you have it. My dear readers, Level One is officially complete. It has been an absolute blast and I only hope you've been able to benefit from it in some small way - whether it's a new restaurant you've tried or a NYC point-of-view that totally inspired you. Through the ups and the downs and the twists and the turns, my journey through Level One was only worthwhile because you were along for the ride.

However, this means LEVEL TWO is next! It'll be a bit different than Level One... and ANYTHING can happen. Twice the fun perhaps? We'll see...

But in the meantime, I’m not going too far. Starting in mid/late-October....

I’ll be right here: www.spaweekblog.com blogging...

And here: @spaweek on Twitter...

And here: Spa Week on Facebook...

And here: Spa Week YouTube Channel...

...and pretty much anywhere that doesn't have up barbed wire. Pretty soon - believe me - you will know it's me. ;)

I look forward to everything this next chapter brings, and I thank you all for your endless support!

Lots of love,

Michelle Joni